Pricing and Payment

About CVS Billing and Payment Policies

(updated June 5, 2025)

In recent years, our industry has undergone significant shifts in business operations. Vendors are increasingly demanding substantial deposits upfront for orders of hardware and services, with the remaining balances due within 15 or 30 days of shipping, irrespective of transit durations. Some vendors even insist on full payment at the time of the order. I have delayed responding to these shifts for as long as feasible, but it is no longer possible to maintain the status quo. Consequently, I must implement some alterations to our billing and pricing strategies.

Effective May 1, 2024:

  • Hardware purchases will require a deposit when your order is placed. The amount of the deposit will vary, depending upon the product(s) on the order and vendor requirements. In some cases, full payment will be required at the time your order is placed.
  • Balances due on hardware will be billed “Net 20 days” upon confirmation of shipping.
  • Payment for services such as Cablecast Support, Cablecast Extended Warranties, Reflect and Cloud services, RossCare, etc., will be invoiced as “Due Upon Receipt” at time of order.
  • Practices for onsite and remote services will be adjusted as well. Contract Video will be begin using a “time and expense” model for services. You will be billed at time of service, with invoices due upon receipt.
  • Onsite service will be billed on a per-hour basis, with a minimum charge of two hours. Most services will be billed at a rate of $195.00 per hour.
  • Remote services will be billed on in 30-minute increments, with a minimum charge of one hour. Most remote services will be billed at a rate of $195.00 per hour. TeamViewer access will be REQUIRED* for remote services.
  • You may receive multiple “progress” invoices per project.
  • Bill payments may be made by check, ACH transfer, or credit card.

I have observed (and occasionally recommended) product acquisition from alternative souces, particularly when I cannot match their pricing or when purchasing on your behalf presents challenges. CVS does not receive any compensation from these dealers, despite often investing significant time and effort in assisting with product selection and integration into your operations. Traditionally, we have provided this service without charge, which, in hindsight, may not have been advisable beyond a preliminary consultation.

Moving forward, Contract Video will provide both ad-hoc and structured consulting, design, and project management services for audio/visual, television, and audio systems, including help with developing RFP and RFQ specifications. Service rates will range from $195.00 to $225.00 per hour, following a complimentary initial consultation lasting up to 30 minutes. This initial conversation will assess the need for further consulting time and determine whether subsequent discussions will be on an ad-hoc basis or as part of formal consulting and design services.

  • Ad-hoc on-site consulting services will be billed in 30-minute increments at time of service at a rate of $225 per hour, with a two-hour minimum. Invoices will be due upon receipt.
  • Formal consulting and design services will be structured as necessary to meet the scope of the project, and will be billed progressively, with invoices being due upon receipt.
  • Bill payments may be made by check, ACH transfer, or credit card.

These business practice modifications reflect a strategy to fortify the company and enhance its industry standing, ensuring I can continue to serve current clients and welcome new ones for the foreseeable future. I regard CVS clients as partners, not merely customers. Your feedback is highly valued, so please feel free to express any comments or concerns. I am eager to collaborate on your upcoming projects.



  • SYSTEMS ENGINEERING, Business Hours (Hourly) - $195.00
  • SYSTEMS ENGINEERING, After Hours (Hourly) - $275.00
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT (Hourly) - $195.00
  • DOCUMENTATION/DRAFTING (Hourly) - $165.00
  • SUB-CONTRACT INSTALLER (Hourly) - $150.00
  • CONSULTING (Hourly) - $225.00
  • CONSULTING (Hourly, After Hours or Emergency) - $337.50 
  • (All on-site services subject to two-hour minimum charge)


  • SYSTEMS ENGINEERING, (Hourly) - $145.00
  • SYSTEMS ENGINEERING, After Hours (Hourly) - $195.00
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT (Hourly) - $145.00
  • CONSULTING (Hourly) - $175.00
  • (All on-site services subject to two-hour minimum charge)


Contract Video Specialists is not responding to Competitive BID RFQs or RFPs at this time.