Our engineers design complete production facilities including all aspects of studio production, editing, file storage, acoustical specifications, detailed wiring diagrams and detailed purchase lists. We use WireCAD for diagram drafting, and deliver our work in hard copy as well as electronically.

System Design

Our design team is experienced in a wide range of projects including:  Network television, local television, private and government facilities, and local government/public access projects.  Our  designs address important plant issues such as acoustical requirements, electrical distribution and grounding, environmental, access flooring, and custom-made cabinetry. Our “project proven” group of architects, acousticians, cabinet makers, and other specialists ensure that our systems perform to the highest standards.

System Integration

Depending on the project, our integration team may perform their tasks at your site, or pre-build your project at the Contract Video Specialists shop.  Rack installation and wiring, equipment installation, projector and monitor installation, and screen mounting are all included in our integration services.

Private Cable TV

We offer complete design and installation of private Cable TV systems. These systems permit you to distribute regular “over the air” television channels to multiple locations in your organization. In addition, multiple channels of your own may be added to the channel line-up. These additional channels could include a digital signage system, security cameras, your production studio output, or any other locally-generated television signal. Office information packages from DirecTV or Dish Net can also be included to provide you with the programming you want, and is usually less costly than an office-wide subscription from your local cable provider.