Bescor is a third generation family owned business operating out of Farmingdale, New York since 1981. Bescor’s product line was originally comprised of VCR and video related products. Over time Bescor dropped the VCR line and started manufacturing batteries for halogen lighting for professional videographers.

Recently Bescor has introduced both 12 volt and 14.8 volt Lithium-Ion batteries into their line.

Bescor entered the realm of LED lighting with the LED-10 10 years ago. Now we’re offering a diverse line of plastic and metal casing LED lights. Anything from tiny 21 bulb units to massive, yet portable 1200 bulb LED lights.

Bescor currently offers a wide variety of professional LED lighting equipment, motorized pan heads, AC & DC power supplies for electronic equipment, and fluid head tripods.

Bescor also offers numerous battery solutions for halogen lighting.

Bescor is committed to customer satisfaction and product quality. We are constantly working towards bringing the best technology to our customers. Our product line can be used by anyone from a weekend warrior videographer to a professional company. Our products suit nearly any needs you can come up with.

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